The following statements from patients do not represent evidence that homeopathy works, but are the personal opinions of people whom homeopathy has helped. I am not allowed by the Advertising Standards Authority to imply that homeopathic treatment can help any specific medical conditions.

CH - "I have used homeopathy treatment for myself and my daughter for 22 years. Elaine has been our homeopath for the last ten. Homeopathy has helped my body and mind to be healed holistically and fast. A musical record has grooves and learnt patterns and illnesses become like the grooves getting more ingrained but homeopathy smoothes out the grooves leading to wellness. I recommend homeopathy because it is holistic, non invasive, you have time to speak and be heard, it has improved our immune systems so that we rarely get colds or viruses. I have not taken antibiotics for years. Homeopathy has helped me with depression, skin conditions, hormone and menopause symptoms, chest conditions and behavioural changes."

GO - "I first contacted Elaine a number of years ago, initially for homeopathic treatment.

As we all know, physical symptoms are often the result of emotional issues - often issues one finds difficult to discuss.

Elaine's genuine, caring nature and expert listening skills enabled me to discuss my issues openly with her.

She has a compassionate and straightforward approach and is helping me to manage very stressful circumstances. With her help, I am now beginning to see a way forward.

I feel very fortunate to know that I can contact Elaine for advice - she has become a trusted friend.

I have no hesitation in recommending her."

MS - "Before visiting Elaine I was very stiff first thing in the morning, walking up stairs I was pulling on the banister to assist me and getting up out of a chair was a real effort. I still don’t do these things as I did twenty years ago but the movements are much improved."

TWR- "I have had Homeopathic treatments with Elaine over the last 29 years, starting with the pregnancy of my first child through to the last of our four children. This has ranged from ‘morning sickness’, labour support (she has been to two of my four births) as well as our children’s ailments through their lives and in their early adulthood.

I made an informed decision not to have my children immunised for childhood diseases. Elaine listened to my concerns and offered counselling support along with Homeopathic remedies to treat my children’s symptoms, with success.

In the last few years I have suffered with a thyroid disease and was treated by conventional medicine and Homeopathic treatment for both physical and emotional symptoms. My thyroid is now stable and tests have shown normal thyroid function quicker than if I had only had used conventional medicine to the surprise of my endocrine consultant.

I can highly recommend Elaine Walker as a professional Homeopath; she is easy to talk to, has excellent communication skills and natural empathy."

CB - "Elaine is the best homeopath I’ve ever had care from (and I’ve tried a few!).

She has helped me with many things including migraines (which were making me very ill and could last for three days before Elaine started treating me) ; grief and all its ramifications and has helped me stay well both physically and emotionally as symptoms shifted and changed and last winter , two broken wrists . Two!

Elaine is really great to talk to! She’s warm. friendly and kInd and also wise and intuitive as well as clearly being very professional and experienced .

I’m so glad to have her as my homeopath."