The Consultation

It's all about you

The initial consultation with me is very different from seeing a doctor. For a start, we have time - usually between an hour and an hour and a half. Secondly, I am interested not only in your own medical history, but your family's medical history as well - this is because I need to know not only who you are, but where you come from. Believe it or not, it helps to know that your dad was an asthmatic and your mum had hay fever! Of course, some people don't have that information, and that's OK too - there are many ways in which I can find out what I need to know. I will also want to know how life is for you - are you happy or sad, do you worry, are you very angry, what are you scared of? All the things that make you unique are all the things I am interested in. That is because YOU are the person with the illness so YOU are the specialist in your own disease, as well as the person who has the tendency - what we homeopaths would call the susceptibility - to that illness. So it's YOU I am interested in. Your particular experience of life in general, and your disease or illness in particular.

After that first consultation I will usually have to send you away without a remedy. That's because I have to work hard, fitting your symptoms together and working out a remedy which matches them. After that I send you the remedy, and you take it when you receive it.

If you have any questions or queries, about the remedy or your treatment, or to tell me a new symptom or because you have remembered something important, please always ring or text or email me. I am always interested, and you never know - you might just tell me something that helps me to understand exactly what remedy you need.

Usually after that first consultation I see clients every 6 weeks, because homeopathic treatment takes time to act. Always remember that you can contact me whenever you need to in that period.

I rarely charge for phone conversations between 6 weekly appointments, and I never charge for the remedy - it is included in the cost of the consultation.

Most of my clients really enjoy the consultation itself. We talk about you and your symptoms, and if I notice any patterns or have any insights about the information then I will share that with you. It's a collaborative process in which I try to work out what is going on, and reflect that back to you so that you can tell me whether my perspective is right or not. It can be an illuminating process for both of us!